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George R.R. Martin's Original Outline for 'A Game of Thrones' Released

Earlier today George R.R. Martin's publishers decided to tweet out the original outline for A Game of Thrones, or as it is known to readers: A Song of Ice and Fire. If you choose to read through these notes, despite how vastly different the finished product turned out, still beware of possible spoilers, though the ending of the outline has been redacted.
Personally, I prefer what we've been delivered in the novels so far as opposed to what we see in the notes above.  It is worth noting that many of the same 'main characters' have stayed the same, as well as certain beats and turns.  It's also easy to see how the story has become much bigger in scope that what he originally envisioned, but that ending must be important to be blacked out.  If you are interested in what might be under those black lines, readers on reddit are hard at work attempting to decipher just what it says.

SOURCE: Twitter

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