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Gillian Anderson To Write Sci-Fi Novel Series

X-Files fans pay attention to this one.  Gillian Anderson (Agent Scully) has been signed by Simon & Schuster with co-writer Jeff Rovin for their EarthEnd Saga sci-fi series.  The first novel, A Vision of Fire, follows a psychiatrist treating traumatized children of war and natural disasters and comes across a "uniquely troubled" girl.

Over the course of spending time and helping her and investigating the origins of the girl's trauma, [the psychiatrist] begins to realize that the girl's behavior is tied to much greater forces in the universe, and as the story unfolds, she must prevent destruction on a grand scale.

Anderson feels that after years "of living in a semi-science-fictional universe" she feels she now has "an ingrained knowledge and rhythm for it".

I enjoy writing, but don't usually allow myself the time, and I don't think I'd ever think to write something in this genre without the prodding of someone like Jeff. But I realized I had ideas hidden within me for a series and a lead character, in this case, a heroine.  It was very clear to me that I didn't want to enter into the horror realm. That doesn't interest me. I also wanted a very strong female character, around my age. I would want to read something like that and I think other women would like to read … It's been a fantastic experience.

A Vision of Fire is due to hit shelves this October as part of Simon & Schuster's new imprint to honor Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451: Simon451.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly

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