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Cover Art and Details for Brian McClellan's Powder Mage Novella 'Forsworn'

When we told you about the delay on Brian McClellan's The Crimson Campaign, the author told fans there would be some Powder Mage novella news coming to tide them over while they waited.  Well, now that news is here: Forsworn will be out on January 26th for Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

Erika ja Leora is a powder mage in northern Kez, a place where that particular sorcery is punishable by death. She is only protected by her family name and her position as heir to a duchy.

When she decides to help a young commoner—a powder mage marked for death, fugitive from the law—she puts her life and family reputation at risk and sets off to deliver her new ward to the safety of Adro while playing cat and mouse with the king’s own mage hunters and their captain, Duke Nikslaus.

The author notes, for reference that "The novella takes place 35 years before Promise of Blood [our review here]... Hope’s End takes place about 18 years before PoB and The Girl of Hrusch Avenue is about 10 years before [Promise of Blood]."  The next novel in the Powder Mage series: The Crimson Campaign hits shelves May 6th, 2014.  If you didn't know about the previous two novella's set in the same world, now you'll have three short stories to tide you over until May.

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