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Jack Reacher to Return to Theaters with 'Never Go Back'

One of the few non-fantasy/sci-fi novels I've gotten into is Lee Child's Jack Reacher series.  Good, fast-paced, suspenseful books - highly recommended for anyone looking for fun, easy reads.  In 2012, Tom Cruise starred in Jack Reacher, an adaptation of One Shot.  Despite complaints about Cruise's casting (complaints centered on the 5'7" actor playing the 6'5" Reacher) movie-goers voted with their wallet and made the movie a success.  The $57 million film brought in $218 million.

Success like that usually means sequel, and it seems Paramount is ready for another Reacher movie.  Though no writer or director is attached yet, Cruise will return to the role.  The sequel will be based on last fall's Never Go Back, the 18th novel in the Jack Reacher series.

Reacher heads back to his old military based in Virginia to take a woman to dinner who is now the commanding officer. By the time he gets there, she has been arrested and Reacher finds himself being charged with pummeling one guy, and fathering a child with a woman. He can’t remember either transgression, but gets to the bottom of it with cunning and sometimes brute force.

Why skip up to the 18th novel for the sequel?  The Reacher series offers several good stories to choose from, but Never Go Back offers something more.  In it, Reacher has a "sidekick" of a sort, a plucky and smart teen girl whose role could easily be expanded in the movie version, and help draw in a younger audience.

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