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Brian McClellan's 'The Crimson Campaign' Delayed

Author Brian McClellan posted an update to his next novel: The Crimson Campaign on his blog today - the book is being pushed back from February 18th, 2014 to May 6th, 2014 and the trade paperback version until April.

The change isn't due to the book not being completed, but simply for marketing.  His publisher believes May will be a better time for book sales and with McClellan's rising popularity, he'll get the most attention for his work with a solid release date. publisher has decided that a May release would be so much better in order to put The Crimson Campaign into has many hands as possible. I completely trust their decision in this matter. They’ve done such an awesome job with my books so far, I don’t think they’re going to let me down now. You may be grumbling that it sounds like a marketing decision and wondering why this matters to you. It is, and it does: the better The Crimson Campaign (and subsequent books) does in the bookstores, the better I will do as an author, which will allow me to focus on writing and not, say, go find a full time job doing something else. This means that you’ll continue getting a Powder Mage book every year for the next four years after this one, rather than me having to spread out the release dates because I don’t have as much time to write.

It's unfortunate, but personally I don't find the wait that bad, especially hearing that the book is done and it's not a delay due to the story being incomplete, which leaves you unsure of the new release date.   In the meantime, McClellan has also been busy putting out short stories in his Powder Mage world to tide fans over between books and plans to get a couple more of them out while we wait.

If you haven't tried out his Powder Mage novels yet, I highly recommend them.  The first, Promise of Blood, was very well received by readers - as well as one of the more highly rated reviews for us this year.  They are "flintlock fantasy" genre and probably the best of not only that genre I've read, but as good as any of the other current top fantasy novels hitting the market today.  Needless to say, it's worth the wait.

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