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Game of Thrones to Get More Tragic?

George Martin is a Breaking Bad fan and took to his blog last night to sing praises for the show.  He talks a bit about the emmy chances for Game of Thrones this year with the drama of the Red Wedding getting a lot of attention, but doesn't think anyone will have a chance against Breaking Bad next year.  The most disturbing comment however, was when he compared Walter White to his own characters.
“Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. (I need to do something about that).”

More evil than Tywin Lannister and what he does not only to the Starks, but to his own family?  More evil than The Mountain, who burns his own brother and kills babies, animals and anything else he doesn't like?  I mean... Ramsay Fucking Bolton! -- It worries me to think of what Martin might come up with next and now we know to blame Breaking Bad.

Frankly, I'm running out of characters to like in his series of novels as more and more people die off.  Hearing the author want more evil when there are only two novels left leaves me terrified about what he might do to top the Red Wedding as the series starts to wrap up.

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