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RIP Iain Banks, 1954-2013

Science Fiction & Literary writer Iain Banks leaves us today, after announcing two months ago he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

First coming to attention with publication of contemporary novel The Wasp Factory, a successful, and for some, controversial debut, he followed up with several literary novels before moving into science fiction. A mainstream novelist moving into sci-fi was, though commercially questionable on his side, a major development for the sci-fi community. For Banks however, he was simply returning home, having started his writing career with sci-fi in the seventies.

Iain Banks was one of the most influential science fiction writers of our time, most notably with his signature creation, The Culture, beginning with novel Consider Phlebas. He continue writing both mainstream and science fiction (under pseudonym Iain M. Banks - with the "M" standing for Menzies) throughout his career, even diving into non-fiction to write about his whiskey passion with Raw Spirit. His final novel, The Quarry, comes out next month.

Iain Banks will be missed as one of Britain's leading novelists, as a master of sci-fi storytelling, and most of all as an outspoken and irrepressible figure with a kind and generous heart. Fortunately, he lives on through his work. Read his books. Remember the man.

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