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Overzealous Fans and Charlaine Harris

Fans threatening the writer over her final novel?  Hopefully many of the remarks out there are people purposefully going over the top and not seirous, but in today's world it's hard to tell and just unnecessary.
          "After that ending, who wants to egg Harris's house with me?"
I'm a pretty geeky guy and have my share of obsessions.  I grew up in love with Star Wars and was heartbroken by the prequels.  I was addicted to D&D and was let down by their failed attempts to bring the franchise to the big screen.  I'm a long time comic reader and there is often so much to stress over in that genre that one's head might explode.  So I understand really getting into something, loving the world and characters, but I also realize that taking a step back is a valuable approach, one that more fans need to learn how to master.
"...if Sookie doesn't end up with Eric, I'm going to kill myself."
Charlaine Harris' final Sookie Stackhouse novel, known to many as the True Blood TV series now, has stirred up a little too much negative passion in fans after an early copy was leaked online in Europe.  Thousands of negative comments and reviews have been posted around the internet about Sookie's final romantic choice in the novel, many with various threats added into the mix.  I'm all for complaining, hopefully constructively, about work you don't like, especially when you've invested time and emotion into something.  But when you start to take it personally, you need to take that step back. 
We are readers, enjoying a world and vision not our own, no matter how much we invest into a story.  Things are not always going to turn out the way we want and in the end, even if you have a hundred people agreeing with you, your views are just an opinion.  Write them down, be constructive, help other readers that might have a similar view on books find good opinions and avoid the rants, raves and most of all, the threats.

"I wrote the best book I could, and I'm confident I stayed true to the characters I'd been writing for so many years. It's disappointing to have people impugn my character in such a personal way, but I hope on the whole that many people are entertained by the book and find it a satisfying end to Sookie's adventures," Harris wrote on Facebook.

   It also seems to me, and this may be a poor assumption on my part, that many times this overzealous reaction happens to fans that don't read a huge variety of novels.  Not to say that all readers of Harris' work do not, but perhaps those that are taking it so personally to make threats are so over-invested because they are focused just on that one story.  I'm not just talking about reading one or two other series, but about exposing yourself to as many different stories as possible.

   As a reader of George Martin's Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire series) I am used to falling in love with characters only to have things not turn out the way I might have wanted.  Again... and again...  and- sorry, I digress.  There are hundreds of other stories every year I'm apart of, so in the end, if Martin's story doesn't go the way I want, I don't feel a personal rage toward him.  Harris entertained readers for 13 years and no matter how vocal the haters are, they often don't notice they are still the minority.  Calm down, take a step back, and go read more books.

SOURCE: The Guardian


  1. As usual, mega-fans ruin everything.

    People need to step back, stop being fans and part of fandoms and just like things normally.

  2. I have been mad and angry at a series before. Sometimes I have been mad enough to post it online. BUT, I always try to conduct myself in a mature manner, and I try to limit my comments to the content of the book itself. Not as personal attacks on the creator. That just brings back flashes to the movie "Misery".

    People do need to calm down and take a step back. I used to be a fan of the Anita Blake series, but after the 3rd book, the series stopped being a fun Vampire the Masquerade P.I. story and turned into a Fabio-romance novel with bloodsucking. I stopped reading at book five and never looked back. Am I sad at what happened to the series, yes. But I'm not going to egg Laurel K. Hamilton's house over it.