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'A Journey Through Skryim' webcomic

A Journey Through Skyrim is a free webcomic based on the Elder Scrolls video game: Skyrim and follows the adventures of the character through the storyline (and more).  One doesn't have to have played the game to enjoy the comic, and those that have played the game will enjoy a few different twists and turns than the story they are familiar with.
This is a comic I started for fun during a playthrough that developed into much more of a job than I originally anticipated. What turned into taking a few screen caps and writing a journal, turned into managing five different playthroughs (many of the same character build) and taking thousands of screen shots to assemble this comic. My hope was simply that other fans of the game, or just fans of comics and fantasy stories would get a little enjoyment out of something I worked on that doesn't cost them anything but a few minutes to read.

To those that have been reading since day one, I thank you. Knowing people are reading this is what makes something that turned from fun into work, turn back into fun for me.  Covers & Direct links to issues are after the break.

Update: The comic has since completed at 55 issues and nearly 1500 pages.
Here's a direct link to the Archive

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