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Joe Hill's 'N0S4A2' Details

The covers for Joe Hill's next book: 'N0S4A2' have been posted. The U.S. version uses the 'A' in the spelling of the name, where the U.K. version spells it 'N0S4R2', Joe Hill explained this was due to the way it's pronounced differently in the two regions. It's a shame that the U.K. cover is so cool, at least for me being that I live in the U.S.

No official description has been released, but Hill has let a few details drop in interviews.  N0S4A2 is, as the covers suggest, the vanity plates on the Rolls Royce Phantom that belongs to a very nasty guy: Charlie Manks(sp?) who is 142 years old.  Bad things happen to children who get in the car with him.  He takes them to a place called 'Christmasland' - the unhappiest place not on earth.  Hill goes on to say that it's about people who derive powers from vehicles, whether they be literal vehicles or some other vehicle type.

Two forms of entertainment concerning this project will be coming to fans next year.  The novel will focus on Charlie Manks, but Hill also has a comic book project planned that will focus on Christmasland.

The estimated release date for the novel is April of 2013, thought that could change.  Hill did say though, the book is completed and in the hands of publishers now. 

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